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Police Top Tropes: #3

Ever watched a police drama where the police are undertaking a tense interview with a hardened criminal? You know the score - it's all sweaty brows, oneupmanship, and closeups of darting eyes. And then, we have other detectives watching the interview as it happens, through a one way mirror off to one side of the interview room.

I have to tell you, I’ve never, ever seen an interview room equipped like this. Very occasionally someone might watch the interview via a video link, but again, it’s very rare and a bit pointless - unless the watcher is going to barge in and interrupt with a killer question, which doesn’t really happen either because the interviewer would have to announce the new person, possibly pause the interview recording, all of which might make good TV but definitely makes for bad interviews!

As a Police Advisor, I absolutely understand that directors of Film and TV productions have to strike the balance between reality and the needs of the drama. However, there are always things that productions don’t get quite right - sometimes, very easy things to avoid/fix! I'll be posting these occasionally, as they occur to me - enjoy!

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