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A blurred image of the back of two police officers wearing flourescent tabards

Your Police Advisor

Whatever stage you’re at, I can bring my policing experience to bear to make your script, podcast, book or Film/TV production's police-related scenes truly authentic.

Since retiring, I’ve also worked extensively as a Supporting Artiste (extra), often playing a police officer, on various productions-so I have a good understanding of how a Film/TV set works, and what is needed during production.

I understand the difference between reality and drama-that what is 100% authentic might not necessarily translate to an exciting story, and I can help you to walk this tightrope to find the right mix of authenticity, without derailing the drama.


Expertise and advice on topics including:

Police Uniform and equipment (including vehicles)

Police Law, policy and procedure

Police Language, culture and ethos

Police Firearms operations (including ARVs, CTSFOs)

Police response to major incidents

Public order, traffic, dog handling, even mounted police (horses!)

Crime scene management-CSI / SOCO / Scenes of Crime

Undercover work-including surveillance deployments

Criminal Investigations, interviewing, custody procedures

I can provide support and advice to your production as and when needed, for example:

  • Technical advice during script / story development

  • Advice and guidance to set builders/dressers, prop masters, costume departments-and more-as required

  • Working with and alongside the director/1AD during shooting

  • On-set guidance to actors, supporting artistes/extras, including "wrangling"!

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