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A police motorbike, with a blurred image of a police officer stood behind it


Stepping Up Productions

"The Police Advisor was a great resource for my latest thriller project. I sent him my script and spoke about what things I wanted to happen and he walked me through possible options and even talked about real famous cases and even referenced specific laws. Not to mention how relaxed and casual the call was. Since our call, I’ve gone away and came up with the ending for my story. The Police Advisor's help gave me the resources I needed to finish my story. I’ll definitely be contacting you again :)"

Script advice-TV Production (Nov 2022)

MK1 Productions

"The Police Advisor's unique insight into police operations offered us exactly what we needed to inject authenticity into our heist thriller. We were in the process of redrafting a script with a tight turnaround, and we contacted The Police Advisor due to their vast experience in UK policing. The Police Advisor was very approachable, and was keen to show initiative, following upon a phone consultation by providing us with detailed research. Language, culture, and ethos were of particular interest to us, and The Police Advisor was quick to highlight precise terminology and vernacular that we immediately put into our script. They also offered us astute anecdotal evidence that helped to substantiate elements of our plot. The Police Advisor was exceptional. We would recommend them for any production that requires expert policing knowledge, and we would not hesitate to call on their services again for future consultation."

Script advice-TV Production (Jan 2022)

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