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Police Top Tropes: #2

There's a big investigation going on. The detectives are trying to untangle a web of intrigue, as one crime piles up on top of another, the body count increasing, they're trying to piece together the clues and track down the suspects.

Often, the CID office will have a big board in it, with various maps, photos, printouts, dates and times pinned to it, sometimes with bits of string connecting the various elements.

The reality is, most CID offices aren’t staffed 24/7. Even if they were, the potential for information / evidence to go missing, or for people who shouldn’t see confidential information to browse the boards, makes this a no no. 

No doubt about it though, it looks good on screen, and it is a useful device to help viewers understand where things happened, or when, or who is involved. So I doubt these will disappear from crime dramas anytime soon.

As a Police Advisor, I absolutely understand that directors of Film and TV productions have to strike the balance between reality and the needs of the drama. However, there are always things that productions don’t get quite right - sometimes, very easy things to avoid/fix! I'll be posting these occasionally, as they occur to me - enjoy!

Could your next Film or TV production benefit from a Police Advisor? Please get in touch for a free, no obligation chat about how I might be able to help your production look and feel authentic, without holding up the story!

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