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Police Advisor saves the day?

Well, not quite, of course. But if your production is portraying the police, having a Police Advisor on set can help keep things moving.

I had this experience this week - I was on the set of a contemporary police drama. The scene was set in the CID office, with the cast gathered around a table trying to untangle a new piece of evidence.

Time was short - the wrap time was just 20 minutes away, and this scene still needed to be shot. The director and cast were unsure of a police procedure that was vital to the scene.

Luckily they had the foresight to have yours truly present - I was able to give them quick, accurate, timely advice and the shot was in the can!

Could your next Film or TV production benefit from a Police Advisor? Please get in touch for a free, no obligation chat about how I might be able to help your production look and feel authentic, without holding up the story!


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