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Armed Policing Part 2 - the OFC

All firearms operations have a command structure, which is defined and explained in the College of Policing Authorised Professional Practice guide to armed policing.

The Operational Firearms Commander, or OFC, is an important role. They're a police officer, trained in firearms use and tactics, with additional training to allow them to command a team on the ground.

When a TFC deploys armed officers to an incident, they will develop a tactical plan which outlines where the officers should go and what tactics they have available to resolve the situation. The TFC will have provided as much information as they can about the location, the suspect, any weapons seen or suspected, and the nature of the call.

The OFC then commands the team of armed officers to put that plan into effect - allocating roles (for example, who will carry which pieces of equipment, who will detain the suspect, who will provide armed cover, etc), then placing their officers in position, pushing them forward towards the threat and dealing with the suspect.

It's a really important role, and a good OFC is vital to delivering the right results.

You can find out more about Armed Policing here from the College of Policing.

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